Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chatham Sq. Walking Tour

Lego Spaceman Aristotle gives you the introduction.  Lee Cruz, tour guide.

Along the tour, we learned about why there was lead in the soil below 4' beneath the soil.  The reason was because of the garrisons during the Revolutionary War!

"In the entire US, there are only 12 monuments that are in remembrance of the African American soldiers of who fought and died.  In every war the US has ever fought, only 12 monuments in the entire United States.  And one of them is in Fair Haven, in Criscuolo Park."

You'll learn some real great pieces of information, not just about history, but also about neighborhood revitalization as Lee Cruz explains and describes.

"The current reality is that about 7 years ago, this park was totally fenced in.  We redid this park.  We added everything you see, except this jungle gym...  So this wall had been tagged and cleaned by the city multiple times.  So a local woman who happens to be a graphic designer said, 'I'd like to help but I've never done a mural."

"That's one of the things that we've done to build community in our neighborhood.  I'll tell you about some others along the way."

This is worth the 7 minutes to watch!  You'll learn about Fair Haven, and Chatham Square.