Friday, June 21, 2013

A Model City.

Neat 3d wooden model on display.
The Grove.  760 Chapel St.
A wooden model of downtown New Haven was on display on a desk at The Grove yesterday, which was visible to all who found it here, sitting on that desk.

The model of the city was produced by Newman Architects and reflects some of the recently proposed changes to the area around the 34 connector, including the "Mixed Use" concept recently proposed by developer LWLP, as well as the medical bio-engineering building proposed atop the 34 Connector itself, to "Bridge the gap" between neighborhoods.

It was quite nice and would look fairly spectacular if it were filmed with a nice camera, and then added a "tilt shift" effect to that camerawork.  Then, if the same movement of the camera were to be done using an unmanned camera, or a helecopter, the two visuals superimposed would make for a very nice visual effect.  The model was built remarkably true to scale.  Nice Work!