Sunday, May 12, 2013

Squirrel SuperHighways

Did you know?  Squirrels in New Haven (as well as many other parts of the world) like to use the power lines as a way of getting from place to place.  As you can see, they were very good at climbing.  This one in the picture above has food in its mouth, as it scampers to its home location, a tree midway down the block. 

You can learn more about squirrels not by checking the internet but by watching their behavior.  What you will learn is that they are quite intelligent, capable of many tasks, and ultimately conscious in some sense, the same way that you and I are.  

Squirrels don't have internet.  You can make fun of squirrels all you want because these critters do not have access to the internet.  Feel free to do just that, as we continue to cover their exploits and some of their remarkable features of nimble mobility. 

Catch Points.  If you have a videocamera, you can catch points of squirrels simply by ascribing these point scores to different actions: 
  • Tree-To-Tree Transfer -- 500pts. 
    If you can catch a squirrel transitioning from one tree to another, that's 500 points. 
  • Anything More Awesome Than A T-4 (t-2-t-t) -- 1000pts.  
    If a squirrel does anything more awesome than a tree to tree transfer, it's bonus points.
  • Power Line Run -- 20pts. per second.