Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Posting Guidelines

Attention all posters!

Nhv.Org is for everybody, and it's not a way to personally connect with one individual but a way to connect with 1000's of people every month that visit the site to discover new things about New Haven.  

The rules for posting are relatively simple.  
  1. Has to be about New Haven.
    Obviously the most important thing.  

    Outside towns with events that draw in large crowds
    example:  The Durham Fair)
    This is obviously the most important.  It must be about New Haven, Connecticut.  By rule, it should be about anything within walking distance on foot for a fit person from the center of the New Haven Green.
  2. Announcements Can't be for events more than 1 Week Away.
    If today is Tuesday, post only as far as Saturday

    But here's a challenge:
    if the event is for a volunteer meeting or paid opportunity
    you must get down with the woozle-wuzzle.Just kidding.  Absolutely not.  Just making sure you're paying attention. 

    If you're announcing something such as perhaps a big concert, or a major show of some sort, don't do so with the intent of only announcing that one big thing.  Announce the minor events and things leading up to it.  Fund raisers.  Small announcements that inform people more about your project gradually

    Bonus points for scheduling events in advance (using "schedule")
    Bonus points for "excellent timing" (posting intentionally during downtimes)
    Bonus points for announcing event exclusively on Nhv.Org
  3. Must be formatted correctly.Spelled correctly, links working correctly.
    Bonus points for left-justified images and / or embedded videos.
    Bonus points for slideshows of original photos.
    Bonus points for any work of complete originality.
  4. Can be about businesses.Businesses can post too, but they must follow the same rules. 
    Bonus points for posting calendar events for promotionals
    Bonus points for hosting Nhv-only available promotionals.
    Bonus points for caring about the community and reporting on it.  
Even if you don't use Nhv.Org, at least your information will go out to the public in a manner which will help more people learn from your site about what to do and where to go.

Nhv.Org is for the community, by the community.  It is the home of information relevant both past, present, and future for a particular locality.  It's curated by some of its best citizens, and it hosts enough original video content to feature a film fest every year.

This project doubles as a community learning laboratory, and you can learn how to blog by writing for Nhv.  Simply contact the site via the "Add Content" button and find the part of the site you would like to contribute to.  Learn from the recommended tutorials.  As a last resort, you can browse our public computer teachers menu.