Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lincoln Oak and Time Capsule Update

Saturday, April 27th.   A crowd of people assembled on the New Haven Green today in honor of the 375th anniversary of the city's founding.  A commemorative ceremony was held for the replanting of the Lincoln Oak, which fell back in October of 2012 during Hurricane Sandy (see video).  On hand were city hall officials like John DeStefano, Vivian from the Office of Cultural Affairs, Drew Days (a proprietor of the NHV Green), US Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro as well as local historian and artist Robert Greenberg.
But all focus was on the replanting of the Lincoln Oak.

Replanting the Lincoln Oak from #NHV on Vimeo.
On the green today you could also find horse-drawn carriage rides, exhibits from the Neighborhood Music School, as well as two stages with different sounds coming from each.  The fervent focus of the afternoon was on the replanting of the Lincoln Oak, where it was said that the president Abraham Lincoln once gave a long speech.Drew Days announced that there would be contest for kids to determine what is inside of the much-anticipated time capsule, which was discovered by Robert Greenberg when the original tree fell back in October of 2012.  "There are brass buckles around the cement.  That means there's something in there." His suggestions were ignored for months until he finally convinced the New Haven bomb squad to bring their x-ray equipment to determine if, indeed, the cylinder beneath the Lincoln plaque is, in fact, hollow and perhaps contains something inside.  The squad brought the equipment to the Parks Department, where the cement cylinder was being kept.  Sure enough, police confirmed the cylinders were hollow and contained something.DeStefano thanked Urban Resources Initiative for the re-planting and a fledgling oak was set in the same location as the mighty tree which fell, for the second and final time, on the New Haven green.

Update: The Proprietors
The Proprietors of the Green would not allow the public and the press into the process of opening the time capsule.  
Update: Rob Greenberg
"I am not sure i understand why the City of New Haven and Proprietors of the Green would want to open such an important American artifact (The Lincoln Oak Tree Time Capsule) behind closed doors at Qunnipiac University in secret when it was left for "All" of the people young and old to find and view when opened.   
They tossed me and any media from the important happening and a left a hand full of people to watch it, while a tiny camera recorded it. Weird and a shame. (Very Indiana I'm pissed not just because i helped the story along but because the public should marvel at such an important spectacle and learn from it and not have it controlled how its viewed. I have been told that i am not very popular right now for saying all these things but i feel it is important for us to understand what our ancestors left for us to learn about them and in this case Abraham Lincoln's importance. So I don't care really if i am not liked because of what i am saying. That time capsule is "ours" as a society and not a select group of professors or city employees. 

They should have at very least had a professional group or even a video class of students record it with HD Cameras from different angles. So, please comment to my post whether you agree with me or not, just so i can show the "Powers" that the people care or don't about the Time Capsule and what it symbolizes to us." --- Rob (Greenberg)

Editor's Note:  Rob's note is particularly important to this because Greenberg is proven to have discovered the time capsule.  Without his historical investigative handiwork, the Proprietors and City Hall would have no idea that there was a time capsule in the first place.

"They're trying to flank me," says Greenberg.