Monday, April 22, 2013

Fernandez Launches Campaign

Henry Fernandez launched his mayoral campaign at ArtSpace on Orange Street in the 9th Square this afternoon at approximately 6pm this evening.  He called on the support of aldermen and union organizers, some of whom spoke on his behalf before his speech.  ArtSpace spokesperson Shannon Lee Connors expressed that the space had been made available to all candidates, that Fernandez's campaign team were the only group to follow up on the offer.  Foxon Park Soda and Elm City Lager were available to attendees, depending on age.

Henry Fernandez gave a speech (view it in its entirety as video available only here on Nhv.Org):

Faced with a question regarding the uprooting of key City Hall positions as Parks and Rec Department Director, and Superintendent of Schools, Fernandez did not indicate a favored replacement for Bob Levine or Reginald Mayo, but did indicate that he would spend the time to find the best replacement possible for each of these positions.

Fernandez also focuses in his speech on the idea of "One City," meaning that we cannot live in a society where there is one group of have's and another of have-not's.  New Haven,  being the microcosm for the world as it is, has become the fault line for class divide; with impoverished neighborhoods outlying one of the world's finest academic institutions, Yale University.  As a founder of L.E.A.P. and a champion for the installment of a urban center for Gateway Community College, it seems that Fernandez has been quietly behind the scenes for many major progressive steps in New Haven since his arrival 23 years ago.

Other competitors for mayor this year are Justin Elicker and Gary Holder-Winfield.  You can find more about the race for mayor after the announcement that DeStefano would not seek re-election after 18 years in office.  Update:  Toni Harp is also running.

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