Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breckfess and Milksop at Greenwell (Recap)

The music was good last night at Greenwell on Crown Street in the Ninth Square, with Milksop:Unsung performing at Mike Angelis' art opening.   The paintings are reasonably priced and will be on display for the next month or so.  The location where they'll be residing is a comfortable coffeeshop in the lower part of New Haven, south of the Green, on the opposite side from Yale Campus just a few blocks away from the #Nhv Train Station.

Michael Angelis at the InsideOutNHV Mural Last Summer
If you're arriving from #Nyc and you happen to be back in town, why not drop in and check out the local art and get yourself a tea or a smoothie?
Make your first stop Greenwell Coffee and Tea. They have affordable smoothies as well as Michael Angelis' paintings, the occasional live performance, and such.  Here's their menu.

Milksop is a band which is pieced together with banjos and upright bass guitars.  With a name like Milksop, of course they're easy to find out about online.  You can find their music on their entertaining website.

Maybe you like banjos.  There's a chance that you might not; either way.  You will like Michael Angelis' paintings, whoever you are.  And you wouldn't know his website unless you knew it was called Breckfess.

A short video about his actual painting process should be available soon.