Sunday, March 3, 2013

A story about this month's background image

You can download this image for your desktop background [here].
Written By Ian Applegate.

In 1992, the sisters at Saint Brendan School signed me up for a program where university undergraduates taught subjects like genetics and literature to middle schoolers.  It was called the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation Program.  I taught there last summer.  But way back when,  there were classrooms in the building labeled "Street Hall" directly across from what was an art supply store at the time (now it's a Starbucks).  I used to sit there when I was in my teens and early twenties, and write stuff, draw pictures.

Last month, the newly renovated YUAG became my new favorite place.  Not just for its completely revised approach to displaying the collection, but because it brought back memories.  The gallery was extended to include the rooms and halls above the High Street Arch, a good move in my opinion.  When I was younger, in the aforementioned paragraph, those rooms were designated classroom space for the program I attended.  I remembered that there were classrooms, and at one point if I'm not mistaken there was a suit of armor kicking around in there during that time.  I remembered arbitrarily using the spiral staircases that exit  underneath the Arch, because I thought they looked old and mysterious like a Portishead song.

Your mission is to try to determine where this photo was taken from.  Please also admire the art in the gallery (do not go to the Art Museum just to look out the windows).

Question (for Comment)
Can you hear Harkness Tower from anywhere inside the museum?