Friday, February 15, 2013

Snowstorm Review

It landed on Friday, and shut down schools for the entire week.  The greatest snowstorm in #Nhv History, except perhaps the one that Robert S Greenberg was referring to.

I took to the streets and walked downtown with local legend Bruce D. and Alderman Doug, as they re-assured everyone that everything was going to be alright.

We saw everything from backyard broomstick snowball baseball, to sled-riding down the staircases of the Yale School of Art.  There were hum-vee's and National Guard, doing nothing military but more like the kind of work you'd expect to see from Americorps.

Highway entrances and exit ramps were completely blocked with snow that was waist-deep to short people, and knee-deep to everyone over the height of 6'.

Note:  This video contains a song by a New Haven music group known as "The Butterflies Of Love," and you can get to know more about them on Wikipedia or on the New Haven Local Scene website.