Thursday, February 7, 2013

Public Art Response #1

Photo: Townie Blog

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Recently noticed something said "Supa-Thug" on a wall the other day.  So I asked some of the crew from the Boo Slick Show what the definition of a "Super Thug" really is.  Maybe you will want to talk to Darius James.  As a young man in the 1970's, he applied to be in the Black Panther Party, but was denied on account that they had frozen the registration (watch the interview).  He winds a story from "Thug Life" as a tattoo to Tupac's mother Afeni's connection with the Panthers, and then connects it into New Haven in a way that very few storytellers really could.  He also explains the root of it is from the name of a tribe in India
More Information about Darius James
Darius, AKA Dr. Snakeskin is a documentary film-maker and an author.  Watch or listen to learn more about his projects.  His most recent project in the works will be about VooDoo in America and it will be available on Netflix in the upcoming months.

The interview with Darius, referred to in this article, is available on Vimeo and Soundcloud.