Sunday, February 10, 2013

Commuter Rail Re-Opens

The first Amtrak commuter rail rolled into #nhv at 3:30pm today finally after the northeast corridor was shut down by the snowstorm. In spite of traffic ban, cars continued attempting to drive down streets full of pedestrians. Downtown and East Rock were vibrant with life and activity. It was noted by Dan Greene of the Mountain Movers that it seemed many more people were out in the snow than compared to a normal winter Sunday.

As roads become plowed and cars get dug out, things start to normalize. But a forecast for rain could spell trouble in the near future.

Weather systems like this are uncommon. Records have been set. A steady stream of self-reports from town, like this one, are emerging about a society replete with a communal sense of endeavor for first shoveling and then enjoying the beauty of the clear blue sky amid the freshly fallen 36" of snow this morning as well as yesterday morning.