Monday, September 10, 2012

#WorldNews Worth Watching!

I recognize that this has nothing to do with New Haven, but this is by far the most interesting thing I've seen on the internet in a while.  The Tardigrade is a fascinating being.  The closeup makes them appear as if made of cloth.  "Basically it's a little caterpillar which looks like bear claws.  They have a mouth, digestive tract, nervous system...  They're similar to us.  They're also like insects, in that they have an exoskeleton.  We don't know what other species they're related to, because they're so different.  They can withstand 2 or 3 hundred degrees below zero celcius.  Vacuum of space.  The tardigrade can withstand all of these extremes."

This is the kind of video that Nhv.Org strives to achieve.  "Did tardigrades come from space?  Anything is possible."  Fascinating.