Friday, September 2, 2011

Privacy Policy

About Your Privacy
Nhv.Org is public, for free, and online.  We respect your privacy, and don't share your personal information.  Inversely, we will if you want us to.  Ultimately you have control over the material on the site.  It's a social experiment, to attempt as much public inclusion as possible, while keeping content current and on par with the quality of mainstream news.

Levels of Access

  • Viewable By Anyone Online.
    You don't need a subscription.  Anyone can comment.
  • Publicly Accessible Features.
  • 10 Administrators. 
    Administrators have the ability to edit any content on the site.
    These are people who have the tim

Current Access:

People who write for this website are in of the following circumstances:

  • They can be local residents of New Haven currently
  • They can be long-time former residents of New Haven, now living in other cities
  • They can be parents or teachers, kids, or even grandparents.  
  • They have their own equipment
  • They are technically proficient (and self-sufficient)
  • They speak appropriately to an audience
  • They are willing to accept free training
  • They follow the guidelines 
Because the platform Blogger is set up with a limitation, only 100 contributors are allowed.  Permissions are granted on a case-by-case basis.  Approval for permissions is best sought through applying via the Writer's Form.  

Writing assists your income by finding sponsors that you are willing to share your posting with.  Your arrangements with this sponsor are private to you, and that makes them your own tax responsibility.  Nhv.Org holds no tax responsibilities whatsoever for any advertising, because the sidebar advertisements are solely giftcard swaps used to generate higher readership.  

Commercial enterprises are not excluded from the site, but topics can be sensored for even the most random reasons.  Certain varieties of popcorn can't be mentioned, meat shouldn't be allowed on film in high frequency, and the standard set of official film ratings restrictions do not apply.  

Promoting events before the event with footage from previous events is a recommended strategy for potential posters interested in increasing their events' attendance.  Having a well-attended event is everyone's goal, but also so is getting the right kind of guests who enhance your experience as an event host.  

We respect your privacy as much as we respect your opinion.  At your request, your image or artwork will not appear here without your permission.  Parties profiting from this site are equal and proportional to those placing the most effort in its development.

As a rule, in public impromptu situations, verbal affirmation is required before filming anyone proceeds into an interview.  Any degree of disinterest is enough to call it off.  People who appear on this website are on it willingly, and we respect requests to remove content on the behalf of others' privacy.

Security of information concerning your whereabouts or routine cannot be guaranteed.  Limits such as fabricated first-and-last names, as well as avoidance or confusion of tell-tale location indicators, will only be implemented under the circumstances where they become necessary.


Persons adding events to the calendars are trustworthy representatives of any organization.  This can be an official one (Arts Council, for example) and it can also be a loosely-connected one (Music Scene).  The active term is "trustworthy" and they are given permission to promote their events under these guidelines:

Posting should be done well in advance for the best results.  Events posted last-minute can also be successful if timely and the information is effectively socially shared.  Posts should include the following information (for all posts, in this order): Organizer - Event.

In the case of a band at a bar: 
ElmBar: BandName1, BandName2...

In the case of an themed event:
GreenDrinks: RestaurantName

The physical address should be included on the next line, not the name of the establishment.
The copy that has been approved for the event should be what is included on the description, but please limit to a few lines, to preserve the visual flow of information for readers.

Terms for Calendar Suspension / Removal of Permissions

Event postings that are inaccurate lessen the credibility of the calendar as a whole.  Calendar suspension is considered for any report of an event that was misleading or did not occur.  In the event of a suspension, you are inconvenienced by having to ask others to post your event for you.

The calendar is only built for the purpose of increasing attendance at all social events in general.  The goal is that people will find more to do in town by seeing all available activities on a daily basis in a bulletin format.  Knowing that you have the ability to post events to this calendar is part of the power of this platform.  More lenient rules apply to the Music Scene Calendar.

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