Monday, September 17, 2012

East Rock Festival Review

Videos continue to roll out for the EastRockFest.Com website as the day progresses.  For the full list of today's new videos, try the YouTube Channel.  Altogether it was a great event.  Everyone had fun and nobody got drunk or even needed a band-aid.

Hint:  For HD Quality on the video, Click the Gear next to the Youtube Logo and bump it up to 720!

Thanks to the New Haven Parks Department, the East Rock Festival was able to obtain a climbing wall for the event.  Local climber DeLeon Moore, 6, makes his ascent in this HD 720p video (click settings on the YouTube player for highest quality).  DeLeon goes to Clarence Rogers School, and his parents were very proud of him.  They cheered, "Don't fall, you're little brother is watching!"

If you're interested in climbing, New Haven has opened a new climbing gym in the Newhallville section of town.  Try checking out the CityClimb Event mentioned in Calendars!