Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Carts Today

One of New Haven's best-kept secrets are the quality of our food carts.  A combination of an international interest in providing residents with quality cuisine, a diligent health inspection department and a rising walkability factor make New Haven a great place to find different types of food on the street.  Fear not, they are delicious.

This video was made voluntarily without the knowledge of Ay! Salsa or Ay! Arepas and only reflects the hours of operation and prices for that day.  Times of availability and prices are subject to change, because it's a food cart.  The service was friendly and the food was tasty.

The quality of the deliciousness, the selection (I had Peruvian tilapia salad for $5.50 and it was great), as well as the location (Broadway and Elm happens to be a major intersection) make for this particular food cart to be where I went today.

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