Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tree Identification Assistance Part 1

Get to know local nature a little better with the Nhv.Org Tree Identification Assistance Program. If you are having trouble identifying a tree, please comment and send photos... If only you could comment with photo images, then this would be the perfect forum! In the meanwhile, check out some of the cool trees identified in the slideshow, and scroll down for more tree identification games.

Interesting fact: There are more sycamores than Elms that are prevalent in New Haven in modern times, in spite it being called the Elm City. Watch the slideshow to help identify sycamores by their camouflage bark.

Also, can you spell camouflage? It's complicated. There's a "U" in there that you might not be expecting.

Homework: Pick a leaf type and illustrate it. Quiz: Identify. First comment with correct answer gets free drawing

For a complete look at New Haven's trees, try the Urban Resources Initiative map.

New Haven Tree Map