Monday, July 23, 2012

About #Nhv And Twitter

A twitter pic post
You can also follow Nhv.Org on Twitter.  Just search for @NhvOrg.  Twitter is a fast, user-friendly way of communicating with the world.  One of the best ways to make the most of it is to only follow people who post information that you need.  Some twitter applications allow for you to switch between multiple users, where each different user can contain a different stream of information.  In the case of the @NhvOrg account, we follow only the primary sources of news and information from New Haven, including City Hall officials, communication representatives from Yale University, and all local merchants.

By following Nhv.Org on Twitter, you will get the inside scoop about much information that doesn't actually make it onto the blog feed itself.  In this example, a photo was taken of Eric, the lender of arcade games to Cutler's Records, carting off his Centepede game in a pickup truck.

Now that's all well and good, right?  You'll also be notified whenever Nhv.Org posts a new video, as well.

In addition to newsworthy information, the Twitter hashtag "#NHV" stands for the Train Station identification label for New Haven (whereas "GCT" would mean "Grand Central Terminal" which is at the other end of the Metro North Line).  Many people, when referring to New Haven events, including good sources of information, mention #NHV" in their tweets.  See for yourself!

You can create widgets of lists like this via Twitter by checking out their official Widget Creator page.