Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who can get the best singular item On Tuesday?

Today, from 4-7, come downtown and search through piles of wet garbage.  Why, do you ask?  Watch the video below and see what our friend here has found in the past.  The reason is that today, the seniors have to move out.  Yale Recycling does a good job of salvaging most of the items, or bringing things that could probably be re-used over to the Ice Skating Rink, where they have a non-profits and students-only event where you can fish through a more organized pile for free.

But we would like to have a contest where you are encouraged to browse through the dumpsters yourself and with your friends.  The person who has the nicest item will be awarded a pitcher of Beer at Elm Bar, or a pitcher of Bonobo Juice at Miyas, depending on if Miyas is too crowded or not.  The winner is also encouraged to share the drink with other participants, since they already have found something that day which is of greater use to them than the other items which we will find. 

This will also be part of a video project.  Tomorrow, come back and watch what happens!

Do you have anything to say about the season of the year known as "Spring Salvage?"  If so, please comment with your thoughts, or be a part of the upcoming video by clicking "Want to be in our next Video?"

Tweet #springsalvage @NhvOrg all day.

Possible Dumpster Locations:

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