Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Fellow Citizens

Have you ever wondered about your fellow citizens?  Maybe you would like to know what makes them tick.  Here we have a series of interviews and occasional events, a series known as "Meet Fellow Citizens," a most useful resource to get to know your neighbors.

In the first episode, we talk to Hans S. who is the founder of Giftflow.Org, which is a sharing economy website.  He is a computer programmer and recent Yale graduate, and he is in his kitchen preparing a pot luck dinner.  Later on, in the same video, we bring you to MakeHaven, where we see what Marcus and the rest of the crew is up to.

In the second video, meet Vin.  He recently graduated from the Yale School of Forestry, and he is an avid paraglider.  In this episode, Vin prepares to paraglide from East Rock and discusses the focus of his studies, as well as his experience as an adopted tribal member of the aborigines.

These are people you might meet when you're crossing Elm Street, or walking down State Street to the train station one day.  They are folks, just like you, who live in New Haven and call it their home.  Complete with music from local DJ/remixer SpacePirate, as well as some ambient footage of workers painting new pedestrian pathways in the road at Bradley and Orange Street, this is a nice slice of life here in the Elm City.

Why Focus on The "Elm City"

I'm not sure why they still call it the Elm City, because there are hardly any elms after the Dutch Elm Disease  in the middle of the 20th century decimated the local elm tree population.  At its present time, New Haven enjoys more scenic sycamores than any other tree.  They are the predominant tree with the shedding bark that you see often.  But that seems like something from another article!

Stay tuned for more ongoing local features.  A showing of the most recent videos from April and May will take place at BookTrader Cafe, and will be announced once an agreement has been made.


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