Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend in Review

On Friday night, there was a great event featured on the Music Calendar.  It was "Taco Hut Presents" and when I arrived at the destination, I came to find out that it was in a 6th floor apartment.

For the complete videos, try Kate Sheely's blog, ThisOneIsBroken

The neighbors didn't mind, except for the fact that the elevator malfunctioned, and in that case, the riders escaped through a hatch on the top of the elevator

Unfortunately I was unable to film their escape from the elevator hatch, but I verified that the story was true because the guy's pants were dirty and he was out of breath.  The girl he was riding the elevator with seemed relieved, to say the least, that they escaped.  I feel like something more might have happened in the elevator, and there's an Aerosmith song about that.

But in reality, I think that he really did help her escape from the bad elevator.  This was verified because it was confirmed stuck between the 4th and 5th floors.

Elevator Malfunctions in Downtown Apartment by NewHavenAudio