Friday, February 10, 2012

Removal of Three Circles from NHFPL Main Branch

The removal of the expensively original 3D/2D art piece has begun already at the New Haven Library.

Sad to see it go.  Workers were told to take it down, on account that
the NHFPL only agreed to make it a "temporary" work of art, regardless
that it was an expensive addition to New Haven's artistic landscape,
and made going to the library an even more interesting experience (for a while). 

Here is an image of the artwork being installed, courtesy SiteProjects.Org

ian ò#
Tandy TRS-80

To see the artwork in its fully functional state, you'll have to go visit the Siteprojects website.  In order to do that, click the "80" in the Tandy with my signature tag.