Saturday, February 11, 2012

Problems With Commenting

The trouble with Nhv.Org, in stark contrast to the New Haven Independent, is that really nobody actually posts comments!

But on the rare occasion that someone actually does comment on a post, the result is usually some kind of interaction that is productive, which lends itself to better development of the site through community contribution of information.  In this example, a reader supplied a web address which led to a map of every community farm in the Greater New Haven region.  

The map was then added to the existing community-generated map files, as part of a larger project of community-based mapping of places for specific purposes (everything from basketball courts to skateboarding locations, and now organic farms).  

So, it's not the quantity of the comments, perhaps.  I've never felt upset that there's not enough feedback, because the responses that I receive from the community are helpful and actually assist in the additions to the site, which in turn helps their fellow citizens.  

Now that's journalism!  To see the maps, just click "maps" at the top of the screen, below the banner.

Here is the article written by the editor of the Independent when they removed comments.  
this screenshot links to the original article.  hope the link works!