Friday, December 17, 2010

Remember KoffeeToo?

Remember KoffeeToo? and other such places?  This is a testament to all of the old websites that simply got lost, forgotten, misplaced, or otherwise got swept into the depths of the archives.

Nothing is lost on TownOfNewHaven!  The website that keeps the best archives.  Better than the Advocate (and not waiting for the Advocate to tell me that, either).  They'll never acknowledge this website because it would lead to their DOooooOOOm!

So here ya are.  For all of yall's that might have forgotten about the time there was a place called KoffeeToo, and a young web designer served coffee and made websites for free.  Keep in mind the potential awesomeness of the SelektaDrink program, which serves to anticipate every beverage that could possibly be selected, based on a flowchart of decisions (a simple precursor to "Time Language" and other such works.
Enter Old KoffeeToo Site
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