Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dallas is a City and Green is a Colour.

Make-Out City last night at Toad's Place.  Great show though.  It was Dallas Green, the lead frontman from Platinum-selling Post-Hardcore band "Alexisonfire" performing in a country-western about standing onstage.  They make music that might make Eric Clapton proud, and in our life and times, these are our Claptons and our Beatles and great leaders of the art of communication with sound.

Noteworthy moments:  when the screen flashes to the two Pledglings (tapped society members), you can hear Jimmy Day of Toad's Place get yellin' at the people behind me for using their camera flashes.  He doesn't like that.

Dallas didn't like it either, when everyone was aiming their phones at him.  As a musician, he wants to be present, and by everyone around him concerned with the recollection of the event, it became necessary for him to recommend that everyone put away their phone for a second.

Everyone can relax when it comes to trying to capture the moment at a concert.  Let Town Of New Haven do it for ya.  Of important local events, we take the best video, so you can always count on us to provide you with great footage.

Scott Remila (City and Colour) Interview by NewHavenAudio
Scott, the bassist, was hanging out at Elm Bar where we talked about touring, music recording, and life in general.  He gave me a breif interview as we talked about life on the road, playing with Dallas, and how song meanings sometimes can be so personal that many songs were written for only one listener.

This is even helpful for the band, because now you know how to learn more about great music that you would have otherwise not known about.  And that's how TNH-1 is part of a larger network.

Band Information
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_and_Colour 
Website: http://cityandcolour.ca/
Purchase Online at: https://shop.bompa.com/city_and_colour/