Friday, November 18, 2011

YDN Writer Calls For The Closing Toads.

Friday, November 18th.

Recently it was reported that a Yale journalist wrote an editorial that stated:

"Standing on York Street is a citadel of vulgarity that damages Yale night after night."

University Police would attest that the revelry of students has been a rivalry for quite some time now.  Unto this day, the undergraduate mentality has always been dominated by a presupposition that the city of New Haven is theirs, for some reason.

This ideology is passed along to the freshmen every year, so it's my theory that all it would take is for one generation of Yale students to abandon this mentality, in order to end the cycle and get people back to accepting reality, seeking better means to improve society beyond closing a place that everyone seems to enjoy, in different ways.

Here's another photo from the links below.

Read the Op-Ed Here:
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