Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy News Stands

It is very important for revolutionaries to spell correctly, or else folks might mistake you for a rebel against grammar, and not the empire.

The problem is not with grammar, but syntax. Arguably the trouble with society is not government nor business but the flaws in the social order of human beings, and the institution of money.

The world might not change until the economies simultaneously collapse in one disastrous moment, disrupting the world's oil supply. In my analysis, this occurs at the height of military intervention in the Middle East, and probably Central and South America. When everyone picks up the pieces, it's undoubtable that the world will work differently. I advocate for all Occupy Wall Street folks to form work partnership allegiances with farms In their area, exchanging labor for room and board. Because ultimately money isnt going to help the folks on Wall Street, either.

Ultimately, what matters more to a creature's survival than money is food.