Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting To Know Your Neighbors

Ok so about 2 months ago, a guy from Vancouver, BC writes an article and draws up a poster with a popular term which we've all come to know and love.  Yes, the answer to every question these days is "#Occupy," in particular with the hash sign so that we all know where to search for it.

But the movement is all around us, everywhere we look.  Every grandma who can't buy enough apples to fit in her basket to feed her grandkids is telling the cashier (and her grandkids) to occupy.  Irvington J. Pongdasher is taking note of the legal battles as the movement progresses.  First, there's a little bit of give on the left.  They let the protesters be there.  Then, it swings to the right, and the next thing you know, it's time to pack everything.  Time is up.

Next thing, they're aiming the tear gas canisters at people's heads, spraying them in the face with pepper spray, and basically indicating that they (the police) are crossing the line, and not facing consequences.  Meanwhile there are groups of these people, concentrated in urban areas everywhere throughout the country.  Needless to say, we're concerned.


So here in New Haven, we have the most polite of protests, where the people meticulously walk across the street (not against traffic) such that it does not interfere with traffic.

They're politer than Critical Mass!  In fact, they're all dressed the same.  It's like they get hand-me-down left over army suits from their brothers and sisters and family members who went out there, put their lives at great risk for months and months, only to come home and find a country with moral crises on its hands.

Hey!  Who's in charge of the banks anyways?

Tell Barack Obama you want Dwane Wade in charge of military.

We can politely ask the Africans we put in charge of Libya if we can have back all those surface-to-air missles they swiped from the depots after NATO bombed and told them where the locations were.  They're flying Al Qaeda flags everywhere, out there.  I'm not making this stuff up!!!  That link goes to the Telegraph.  It's in the news, and if you are willing to actually ask the right questions, you may understand how ignoring these points is far more dangerous than acknowledging the problems' existences.

Maybe my way of fighting the system isn't exactly the same as yours.  I might say that being technologically proficient will cause a greater chance of success.  Did I ever say I was a great reporter?

It's news that gets people to activate.

The News is more than just a channel of events.  It's society's bellwether, and that's been known since Ben Franklin, a visionary who was probably a powerful psychic.

How else would you possibly know about kids who can communicate with Squirrels?