Monday, November 28, 2011

Are You A Hoopster?

View Noteworthy Outdoor Basketball Courts in a larger map

This is a list of a few select outdoor basketball courts that you can possibly find in New Haven.  Here are the courts where you're going to find the nicest backboards, the best competition.

The courts mentioned on this list will contain some of the most high-intensity streetball games the city has to offer.

These parks run full-court games all summer, from about 4 until dusk on many nights. If you want a good pick-up game and consider yourself to be at a level where you would qualify for a team, I suggest making it out to these three courts.

These are also where you will see alley-oop dunks and some of the best New Haven hoops talent, both recreational and for school teams. You will also see high schoolers playing college or former school team competition, on the same court, particularly Edgewood.

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