Sunday, August 31, 2014

Register to Run: The 37th New Haven Road Race

The annual Labor Day New Haven Road Race, sponsored by law firm Stratton Faxon, is taking place Monday. Since there's no registration available on the day of the race,  your very best bet if you're still willing to take on the challenge would be to register to run before 4pm Sunday.

There's lots of helpful information about participating in the 2014 NHVRoadRace on the official New Haven Road Race Website.

If you register online, you can pick up your material on the upper green as early as 6:45am Monday. Hope to see you there.

Raceday Schedule

Source: NewHavenRoadRace.Org

8:15 – Amity Physical Therapy Kid's Fun Run Start (on New Haven Green.) This event is for those children, six to twelve years old, who are able to run without their parent's assistance. The Kids Fun Run (ribbons to all finishers--no awards) is sponsored by Amity Physical Therapy and The Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Foundation. All participants in the Amity Physical Therapy Kids Fun Run will receive short sleeve cotton t-shirts.

8:40 - 20K Start (on NHVGreen) Starting line is located on Elm Street. and Church Street (5K).

8:42 – 5K Start (on New Haven Green) To allow for a quicker, smoother and safer start for all participants the race will have a men’s and women’s start line this year. Men will line up at the corner of Chapel St and Temple St. Women will line up at the corner of Chapel Street and Church Street. All participants will merge together on the course at the ½ mile mark. Updated 5K course map will be available on the website later today. Families and friends wishing to run together will be permitted to all start at the same line.

Video Summaries of Past New Haven Road Races:

Here's a look at the 20k map in KML

This may be outdated or revised since it was created in 2012:

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